Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No it’s a Birthday Superhero! 

Fly into HQ, select your Superhero cape and mask and let the adventure begin!  

Each little hero will win a prize and earn their own temporary Super tattoo during a series of fun age appropriate games and dance to Superhero themed music!

Glow Disco


Everybody Dance Now!  

Welcome to Party Corp Glow Disco!  An Enormous Glow stick print sets the party mood as our resident DJ distributes neon wrist and headbands and glow-in-the-dark glasses as we get ready to party under UV lights, mirror ball and bubbles!



 Unicorns are real! 

Are you a true believer? 

Welcome to the Unicorn Garden, an enchanting space where each guest is invited to dress up in Unicorn headband and Tutu, receive a magical temporary Unicorn tattoo, glitter hairspray and enjoy music, dancing with UV lighting and bubbles, games and unicorn prizes for all! 



Caution, caution work in progress!

Enter our live construction zone, report to the Site Manager to sign in, collect your High Viz Vest and Hard Hat, and let the good times roll!

Enjoy fully themed birthday table and construction zone including building blocks and wheel barrows, temporary tattoo's, and fun (age appropriate)  party games where every child wins a prize!

Jungle Safari


 Welcome to the Jungle! We have fun and games! 

Animal lovers will adore the animal styled birthday table and a huge Safari print on the wall to set the scene! Each guest will meet our Safari leader, don their own Safari Hats and shirts, temporary tattoo and binoculars ready for fun and adventure on the plaIn! 



 Being a kid can be hard work!  

We believe in the importance of taking time to relax and unwind.  Our Spa Manager will welcome you into our bliss retreat where each guest will unwind in a spa robe, headband and enjoy a mini Mani, (file, soak, moisturise and paint nails). Time for some meditation on comfy pillows while soothing cucumber cools the eyes.



Are you ready for the Royal Birthday Ball? 

Never fear our Royal advisers are here to help!  They will present you with Princess gloves, Royal Sceptre and Tiara.  Learn proper Princess etiquette including the Princess walk,  Royal wave, Curtsy and dance.  You and your guests will all be individually announced at the Ball before dancing the party away! 

Rock star


Do you wanna rock and roll all night and party every day? 

We do too! Our stage manager will welcome your little rock stars to centre stage where they will collect their VIP Passes, bust out the mics, guitars and drop it like it's hot! Get ready to party under UV lights, mirror ball and bubbles!



 Tiptoe into our Fairy wonderland.... And make a wish! 

Our magical space features life sized Fairy wall and enchanting bubbles on arrival. Each guest is invited to dress up in Fairy wings and Tutu, receive a magical temporary Fairy tattoo, glitter hair spray and enjoy music, bubble machine games and prizes for all!

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