Frequently Asked Questions


Are you Wheelchair Accessible?

100% Party Corp is all inclusive,  Wheelchair friendly, and accessible to everyone who wants to party!  We offer disabled bathrooms and all of our rooms are wheelchair accessible

Where is the closest parking?

Party Corp offers 32 dedicated Car spaces and unrestricted street  parking! FREE FREE FREE!

Do you supply Costumes?

 We sure do! When we say fully themed we mean it! 

Each theme comes with a costume to match, which is included in the package for the duration of your party.

Princess - Gloves, Sceptre & Tiara 

Superhero - Cape & Mask

Unicorn - Headband & Tutu 

Pamper - Headband and Robe 

Jungle Safari - Pith Helmet, Binoculars & Safari Shirt 

Fairy - Wings & Tutu

Glow Disco - Glow in the dark glasses, White headbands and wristbands

Rock Star - VIP lanyard, Guitars and Microphones

Construction - Hi Viz Vests and Helmets  

Do you sell Birthday Cakes or do we bring our own?

No, we don't sell birthday cakes but we will display the cake you bring on a beautiful white cake platter, cut, serve and rebox any remaining cake, clean candles or cake toppers for you to take home with you.  

Do you cater for Children will allergies?

Yes, we are happy to work with you to find the best way to enable all guests to have plenty to eat in a safe party environment. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of games do you play?

 We customise the games to suite the age of our guests.  We provide all inclusive games, which keep our guests engaged and  entertained.  No lines, no getting bored, no running back to parents! 

These include, Pass the parcel, Musical freeze with glow bracelet prizes, snakes on a chain, superhero crawl, Limbo, Conga Line and many more! 

How does the Lolly Buffet Work?

Our jaw dropping lolly buffet in set up around your child's Birthday cake. Each guest is given a customised party bag with their name on it, and our party corp team (using safe food handling practice) offer the kids each of the lollies.  Once the bags are full they are collected and safely sealed, and displayed at reception for the Birthday Child to hand our at the end of the party.  

Can I bring my own lolly bags?

 Absolutely, you are welcome to bring your own lolly bags and cake